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My New Cupra Spiltter!

For all the people who love cupra spiltters on their clios,

I got my cupra spiltter a while back from a mate for £10, i really like the style of the spiltter but thought that it always looked a bit plain.

So instead of being a sheep and buying a carbon Ktec one or a cup one, i decided to be a bit different and do something a bit special with my cupra spiltter............................

enter CARBON FIBRE!!!!!!!!





hope to get it fitted tonight and will post pictures when fitted!

comments welcome!
Looks Quite Good.... Seems like the Finish could have been a little better
i know the pics dont do it justice but all the marks seen in the pics are reflections cause its sooooooooooooo shiny!

the finish is really quite good!

and a fraction of the price of a ktec carbon spiltter
so it should look good once i get it on,i know its not to everyones taste but i just wanted something a bit different
get some pics of it on the car mate, it'll look ace i'm sure...

i did this for Michael, and concentrated on the bits that could be seen as theres no point in wasting time and materials on bits that will never be seen once its fitted, so yes some of the bits may not be finished to a high standard, BUT the bits you can see are... plus I had to make the ends of it up as it was too short... lol

i wont do another one though to be honest as the work involved using my methods was far too great for the price I charged, but you live and learn I suppose, and the main thing for me is that Michaels happy and he has something unusual on his pride and joy..

all the best

  Suzuki Ignis Sport
Funking gorgeous mate!... love LCR splitters. and a CF one just tops it off!!
yea tonyt done it, wasnt the easier thing for him to work on and he has said he wont do another one :(

but at least it will make mine rare lol
  2002 Clio 1.2 16v
haha the finished article i see. Looks well mate was looking forward to see this since you told me about it. Will look amazing on the car :)
as promised, pics of the spiltter of the car, i left my camera at home so fone pics will have to do lol

i am reali pleased with it and love having something different.




comments welcome
  Ph1 172
good effort there, liking the splitter.

Like the slightly smaller number plate too, subtle changes are the way forward


  MX5 1.8
good job, looks fantastic mert! cupra splitters works really well with PH1, not so much on PH2 though :) i like!
  Clio 172
great skills mate. it looks good. nice little addition. are there going to more carbon additions to the car?
and DONT be going over any big speed humps lol...

looks great on, how were my margerine tub extensions mate? lol

and DONT be going over any big speed humps lol...

looks great on, how were my margerine tub extensions mate? lol

believe it or not i had to cut them off as they didnt line up to the bumper cuz they wer a bit wide :(

was a shame becuase they lined up perfect, couldnt secure it to the bumper tho :(
been driving with it on now and im so scared of hitting it and ruining it lol

might take it off :S

not sure, dont want to ruin it :dapprove: