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My new Exhaust

  MY04 Scooby STi
Got my new exhaust fitted this morning at Torque Exhausts in Enfield

Will try and get a vid up tomorrow

From this:


To this:



I love this one, looking up the tailpipe through the silencer


The spec is: 2.25in bore, de cat pipe, middle silencer , 1 small silencer on each tailpipe, tailpipes tiny bit larger then standard
  Renaultsport Clio 182
Erm, I can't spot any difference - apart from it looks a little thinner? Looks very clean though. Does it perform better then? Or sound better?
  tiTTy & SV650
is it 2.25" all the way to the *****mould then?

Looks stealthy i.e. pretty standard, good if you liked the standard zorst.

How does it sound, any burble on start up and idle? Any noticeable difference in driveability i.e. low down torque and through the rev range before the 5k kick.
  MY04 Scooby STi
Thanks for all the comments guys.

To answer your questions

Yes it is 2.25 in all the way through. This is to keep the highest amount of back pressure possbile.

I looked at the 3in tailpipe and imo it just looked too big on the car. I like the way it looks standard but packs a punch

It has a lovely burble at idle even from cold. The noise is incredible going up the rev range. I would'nt say its really noticable but it feels so much smoother and quicker up to 5 k


ClioSport Club Member
  is non-existent
ed why not go for 2.5inch bore thats optimum, its only a 1/4inch bigger than standard,

whens the next night out to, i was fucked last time
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
sounds like your camera struggled to pic up them low notes? sounded good as it pulled away though
  MY04 Scooby STi
Im gonna try and get a better sound clip of it on a proper video camera.

Lawrence. Im ready when you are fella
  Racing Blue 182
it sounds nice, but i dont like the way its sat. looks like its going to melt your bumper. need dropping in my opinion