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My New Motors --soz no clio

Got these the other at auction.......couldnt help ma slef :)

Supra is fitted with a trust T88 n tuned by otld it will be running min of 700bhp.....n rx is too a single soo will be runnin 400+++bhp! gonna have run wiv them!


  K20 EG Hatch

they look f**kin awesome, the supra is an amazin lookin car! How rich are you then?....

Cant wait for more pics/vids!?

Blimey...loadas posts....

They werent cheap put it that way!!!!

As for rxs...that is my have a good idea about them...this one has has aengine work when the single tubby was fitted....mileage is 60k..."CAT"...they aint as bad as u think...there are a lot of horror stories which aint true....highly recommend them

As for supe...bloody hell ye...700bhp..will need some learning.....:eek:bit different to my cup!

rich..haha i looking at it as an good investment!......n i wish i had won the lottery..

need something special to promote Jap Scene ... n fell they fit the bill...not sur ei f i will keep both in long run.....didnt really intend to get both:confused:Should be getting decent pics as soon as.,..willl keep ya up 2 date..

Thnaks for all ya possitive comments folk......cheers Gord

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  A silver Honda

How greedy!:p

Personally i would have bought one (the RX7) and spent the rest of the money on more engine mods.

Fair play though mate!

lol....know what ya mean....never intended to get both...put a bid in which i knew would buy on the supe...n a lucky lowish bid not expecting at to get rx..but i did lol.....

The doesnt that much doing i hope..part forma remapp...nd the rx im told is well sorted....

Gee....damm u caught me out....

[Edited by gord r on 29 December 2004 at 5:34pm]

I love those Supras.. did an insurance quote on one the other day and its cheap! Just need £12k now.. TTs are awesome..

rx7s.... my favourite car of all time....

if & when u sell it speak to me please!!!! (but wait until after july next yr please hehe)

Right just spoted this post lol... both cars are now here...WOW!!!

Supra is scarily quick , althou i am stil waiting for the rear bumper for the rx... so no pics of that of yet.. is on Uprated twins and has onl;y done 5000miles!on its new engine... pretty chuffed woith both... pics to follow

All the Best


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