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My Ph1 172's running issues...radiator or an unlikely headgasket...

  R5 GTT
Well my wife uses the car more than me and yesterday she was waffling on about how much the car was cutting out and idling all over the place!

I just told her to get on with it...until I drove it today...

I picked up my daughter, on the way back the engine temp warning light and the stop light came on...the engine temp guage was sat at a constant 3/4 position...not good!

I stuck the heaters on, there was plenty of hot air and after looking in the mirror, there was no smoke/steam evident.

Parked up at home, engine fan was on continously...removed the header tank cap slowly, the water rushed back to the tank but then levelled off to pretty much empty!

There is no visible signs of oil/water mixture. I should do a comp test but can't be bothered at the moment :rasp:

I have read that the 172 rads aren't the most durable so after bombarding Adey with perverted txts, I came to conclusion that he had too much hair and that I should change the rad.

Just got one ordered from GSF...under a 1'er...I pick it up tomorrow. It'll be on within a couple of hours.

Any one else had similar issues and resolved them?

And has anyone else used a Valeo rad from GSF?
  R5 GTT
Filled and rebled the cooling system, seems fine now.

Getting a new rad tomorrow anyway as I now going to sell the car :cool: