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my racing blue 182 detailed and white wheels removed

  racing blue 182
after just fitting my new wheels i decided to fit my orig ones back on and get my car detailed:cool:









:cool: comments welcome
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  Many Things
Looks nice mate, I wondered why you hadn't been in contact about me detailing it as last time we spoke you couldnt drive due to some sort of injury lol

Are you ok to come to the meet at the end of the month?
  racing blue 182
yeah chris ive still got cast on lol,kid come to mine today to detail it :D

cast should be off on the 25th so i hope so its been 10 weeks now lol


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What was the lads name who did the detail mate? Good news on your cast coming off :)


West Midlands
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  RB Clio 182
Looks amazing! I cleaned my RB yesterday already dirty tho!!!!
  racing blue 182
cheers lads comments are all positive:D

and dan no way stripes stay lol got to have decals man haha,yeah nearly as good as the rallye now

ocd has kicked right in like the rallye days,been polishing under bonnet today cleaning the fan and that lmao not a well man
  racing blue 182
yeah quik99 i know looks 100% better

and @ hopey my mate paints cars so no it wasnt pricey :D mates rates
  clio 182 sport
ok m8 cheers its just my 182 is titanium not lowered fancy summit diff from silver wheels youres look inbetween anth+black.
  Black Gold Trophy
loose the stripes and it's the spitting image of my girlfriends car:

Except it has no Recaros or Trophy spoiler ;)
That is well smart, I have white diamonds on my wheels and white bullets with RB detail so those white alloys would look good thinking of selling them give me a PM.