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My RB182

  Clio 182
Hi everyone,
I’ve recently joined this forum after purchasing my second 182 after selling my last one 2 years ago and pining for another ever since.
Its a full fat 182 in racing blue. 93k miles with mountains of service history. I believe a previous owner was a member and created a thread on the time he had the car (original reg was HV05WLK).
I bought the car locally after the previous owner won an M3 from a popular car lottery/giveaway site. Handy as I’d been looking for a clio for a while but struggling to find one with the right spec/condition.
Eventually this one popped up and I collected it the next day.
So far I love it. Compared to my last 140k mile beater that I owned in 2018, this one is a pure joy to drive. It’s got a ktec induction kit, ktec exhaust, matched inlets and it’s been tuned by EFI making 192bhp.
Whiteline RARB and the nearly new cup shocks w/ eicbach springs make it the perfect B road/occasional track weapon.
Got a few plans for it before its first track day including some decent rubber and new rear pads.
Here’s a pic just after I’d shown up my mates 200 🙄😂


ClioSport Club Member

Looks like a nice example mate, enjoy.
  Clio 182

Looks like a nice example mate, enjoy.
Thanks mate! Yeah that’s the one! It’s nice knowing a previous owner went the to that level of detail with it.

Coops Mk1

ClioSport Club Member
  Lots of Scrap...
Looks good. Prefer the 197 style RS badge. Looks more standard. The Meg ones looked forced. Small thing.
Best colour and spec.

Had that on mine when I bought it, too fussy for me, and no point over the original. The later badge with rest removed for a clean look is my preference. But different strokes and all that