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racing blue

  1. Advikaz

    What Colour 2118's for RB 182????????

    I still can't decide. Feel free to post pics..............................................
  2. fowlerboy7

    My latest purchase - RB 182

    So my latest purchase is this Racing Blue 182. I went to purchase a Racing Blue in 2015, admittedly when they were worth a lot less than what they’re fetching now! But due to circumstances out of my control, I never ended up buying it. Ended up purchasing a non cup Arctic blue 182 instead...
  3. L

    My RB182

    Hi everyone, I’ve recently joined this forum after purchasing my second 182 after selling my last one 2 years ago and pining for another ever since. Its a full fat 182 in racing blue. 93k miles with mountains of service history. I believe a previous owner was a member and created a...
  4. OneTime_

    OneTime's Racing Blue 182

    I've always had a soft spot for a Racing Blue 182 and when I stumbled across this one a couple of weeks ago I put in a bid and ended up winning! I collected it last weekend from Hereford and had an enjoyable 3 hour drive home. I've come from owning a Honda Integra DC5 and a Hawkeye WRX STI...
  5. RacingBeaut

    Clio 182 Cup Racing Blue

    Hello, first time posting as a new member. Recently I decided that I wanted to return to something cheaper to own. Having driven my brother's Clio 172, the decision was made. I purchased the car in November, from a gentleman near Gainsborough. The car was being sold on behalf of his son, who...
  6. Brushwood69

    Clio Cup Rally Car first (2nd) Event

    Thought I would start this thread as a record of my car in competition. It started as a standard 182 Cup and I had the intention of buying it to sell on but I decided to keep it and turn it into a rally car. I used to sprint and hillclimb around the South West along side @GrahamV182 . I had a...
  7. Brushwood69

    Advise to Rally, Track or Sell

    Hi All, I'm looking for advise as to what to do with my Clio Cup 182. I bought it on a whim as it was too good to miss but.... I already sprint this.. Co-drive in this And just bought this and already sprinted it! So what do I do with the Clio? Invest money and turn it into a Rally Car...
  8. cliocollins

    ITB'd / Michelin Build / 182

    Hi Guys, I managed to get my hands on a RB 182 Cup Pack over the weekend after much looking & debating. The car in question was brought from another Forum member. First impressions of the car are good! Expectations are always high when there are so many good examples out there. Generally...
  9. F

    Clio 182 Racing Blue

    Sold the Mazda last Sunday. Picked this up on the way home the very same day. 85k on the clock Belts, Dephaser and water pump done 4K ago Full Renault service history Ktec copy intake Cooksport Springs with new front shocks and top mounts Whiteline front camber bolts Brembo High carbon front...