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My shoppy Clio

If only they where as cheap ^^ ;)

Nah, tbh they were the first rims i found that where at the right(ish) angle for the photo...

And they look bright and shiney coz the rest of the pic is fairly dark

what abotu the flushing?
  Golf R/Leon FR

the smooth body work is nice suits the car imo
but not to keen on the wheels agree with mr sheep look like hub caps!
  Pug 306 GTi-6

I think thats looks quality!!! flushing looks cool and the wheels arnt too bad, not normally keen on em but the look ok 4 some reason.

Looks lush buddy but they aint Ronals...Schmidt TH lines and with the right tyres prob worth same price as your motor!! Buy a Dub then you can justify it ;)