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my valver pics.....your opinions!!

Just wanted to post some pics of my valver to show how mint it was prior to the midlands meet accident. Thankfully, despite a crushed passenger door and rear wing the rest of the car still looks as mint. Hopefully get it back on the road soon so i can attend another midlands meet!!Incidentally i assure you that its in this condition because i look after it and apply many coats of polish!!lol

Yea its a minter.

Heh, I have used AutoGlym and Turtle Wax. Remember, the Turtle Wax is a Wax and none-abrasive. I cant tell the difference between the finish really.

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Very nice Pete. What happened with the insurance. Did it all go through with the Pug owner? Are you getting a new car or putting this one back on the road?

hiya matty, still waiting for the insurance pay out but hopefully within a few weeks it should all be cleared up and im still getting quotes for the work but i would like to see it restored back to how it was,

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Hey Pete, sorry mate ive been really busy at college doing Uni applications etc, do you still need a statement from me
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Cracking example mate. I hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon and back to original condition. Regards comments on polish, I have been using Autoglym for several years. Easy to apply and lasts. Some Super Resin followed by a coat of Super Gloss, the water just falls off. The car can normally be washed with just clean water / brush. Thanks Pete for the pics.

paul, its standard bar the scorpion cat back system although i would like to get it lowered cos the valver looks even better then!