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my wee brothers 318IS

  AMV8, Mk1 Golf

stupid works pc wont let me get the BB code :(

facebook sucks all quality - but click the link for better quality ones...
if someone wants to link the flickr one go ahead :)

trying a play with night time photography as its not my strong point tbh... i wish i had some propper stand lighting :(
Looks good.

Out of interest, what set up are you using with the 40D? (Filter/Lens/tripod etc)
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
last night was a mixture of the 50mm 1.8 and the 10-20mm and my tripod was a cardbord box haha!

unfortunately my little brother is one of those that gets embaressed easy and didnt like people looking at us so couldnt really spend the time i would have liked in all honesty
I'm liking number 7, could you tell me the settings used for that shot? No filters used for it either?

I'm guessing a low shutter and high aperture?
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
From memory 10" exposure, iso 200, f16.... i think

no filters... ive not got any big enough for the 10-20 anyway lol... monster at 82mm

ive got an IR filter coming tho... could be cool
Second picture is pretty cool, but can barely make out the car in the others, so can't really judge!

Hate the xenon / angel eye conversions. Screams chav.