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Mystery wobble

I have a un explained mystery with my car. on acceleraation i get a wobble coming from the front right of the car i believe and it makes the car wobble. ive had the wheels re balanced, the car tracked and the track rod ends replaced. still wobbles. when the track rod ends got replaced the wobble went for a day or so thought i was finally rid. it came back to my distress started off slight and got worse. no one seems to know whats the matter with it anyone had any similar problems or any ideas?? colin

Is it like a fairly gentle tugging to alternate sides when you give it some right foot? Like somethings gently waving almost?

Had that in the exs valver. Wheels, tyres, tracking, balancing all fine - I can only assume that its the engine rocking gently in its mounts. Something to do with the funny top-mount thing thats not solid but rotates? One mechanic Ive spoken to reckons that this top mount rotates to balance the engine (or something)...?

its not a gentle rocking from side to side it seams to be more concentrated on the right hand side of the car. The more right foot you apply the more Vigorous the wobble. its not like a gentle rocking its more of a shaking sensation like when u hit turbulance in a plane or the feeling when ure on a ferry in rough sea
  Clio II 1.4 Priveleg

The wobble you describe is normally associated with a driveline problem.

This wobble only appears under load (acceleration) the gear lever will also shake violently.

It can be 1 of 2 items at fault.

1. Offside driveshaft inner coupling (new shaft required)

2. The nearside (gearbox end) inner planet wheel has worn. To find out which component has failed will require stripping the offside shaft or removing the nearside shaft and checking the planet wheel.

If you need more info, then PM me.


Sounds about right. would having the car tracked or a new track rod end fitted make this problem subside for a short period of time and then gradually get worse??