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n e 1 got a private plate

Boys & Girls its gotta to be done. Decent plate for £250 on the Clio, you cant go wrong.

My name is Nathan Kowalski and my plate is N8 KOW

N8 - Nate

KOW - (First 3 letters of Kowalski)

So what has anyone out there got then??

Ta ;)


Couldnt get my initials (ABC) so went for something interesting. Didnt want to get reg older than car either, it does look nice on the car.

Gonna get SI 3ORD or S 3ORDS. Simon is my first name and Cords is an abbreviation of my surname. Again, only £250 cant afford it at the mo

M6HDT-closest i could get to my name MEHDI as M3HDT is taken up by some slly BMW owner and you cant get M6HDI! looks very good on car but also can look like ME HOT!

I went for T70 NYL which ends up as T 70NY L which I like as my name is Tony and initials are TL. Wanted 70NY but that was £40,000 and this on was £250 :)


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I think private plates are a waste of money and laugh at people that pay extorsionate amounts just to own a few letters stuck to thier car.

Although I wouldnt mind



  Shiny red R32

Quote: Originally posted by ReNWiLL on 04 February 2003

Still want

W111 YMS

A bit of a sh@t that my Willy 2 is a m reg :( ....sniff.
It is for sale at the DVLA for £999


  Shiny red R32

The DVLA also has W11AMS and W111AMS which will be up for auction!

What cars would they go on as there arent any W reg Williams?


  Shiny red R32

Why does Renwill want a reg ending in YMS when he could get one ending in AMS?


Because it says WILLYMS as opposed to WILLAMS....

..Hmm now I see your I see it Written down...still no go....cant have the w reg on my lil girlie :(

....but yes....point now taken ;)



  Shiny red R32

It is not so bad paying a lot of money if the plate is exactly the word or name, like COL 1N but not if it says something like B16 CLO or C11 0XX
  BMW 320d Sport

The secret is, Rob, mine doesnt need any fake bolt heads or wacky fonts to look right, just a bit of creative spacing. Round my way at least, the police dont seem too bothered about spacing, its the silly fonts and tiny plates that will get you pulled over. And seeing as I always carry a spare set of proper plates anyway its an easy mistake to leave my show plates on by accident. Nothing they can really do if youve got a proper set in the car as well which you can put on right there and then...
  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

girl racer £400 aint a lot of money for a plate !! and trust me C110 XX loks wicked on the car !! Loads of people mention what a good plate it is when they see me pull up !!
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah Clio XX looks wicked, a passing policeman even tried to do him for it on his own driveway, it looked so good!
  BMW Z4 2.5si Sport

If I can get the ££ Id like XX03LOU for my new Clio.... but think the £800 should go on a box for the williams really lol.
  RS Clio 182

Ive got S12 ORY (RORY). Went to the DVLA Auction to buy 12ORY but got up to £4000 for it and gave up. This guy who was bidding for every plate got it for £4500. It is now advertised for £30,890 on Dont you just hate those people who buy a plate just to make a profit and dont actually want that reg!

I got my plate for my 18th...

It is... B9 TOT

Most peeps think is to do with totty... But just for the record it is to do with my surname... ! :oops: