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N/W Meet

  Skoda Fabia vRS

hi peeps, thanks to everyone who turned up, didnt manage to chat to you all tonight but will do in future

the star of the show was Adis sparkly sub box, i think we need a pic of it Adi on the forum in all its glory hehe

sorry to whoever took the pics, ive forgot your name, nice to meet you though, cheers for takin some pics, post em up mate or mail em me

thanks everyone, hopefully i can get a kartin day sorted out for us next
  clio 20v

its kinda growin on me now actually ur just jelous cos you wished you had a sparkly sub box

defo up for kartin

next meet im wearing much warmer clothes it was freezin


Warrington is BY FAR the best track in the north - possibly the whole uk.

I would be up for that.. only trouble is I have a slight power to weight imbalance lol... 16 1/2 stone on a 6 bhp cart does offer a slight dissadvantage.. but hey !!.


sorry I couldnt make it folks, was still pissed at 5pm from a night on shooters at Ba Baa in Manchester. :oops: :D

How often do these meets occur anyway?

Good to see those who were there, it was a little on the cold side though lol!

Tony (i had that blue AWD thing ;))
  williams and trophy

he he tony

when u gunna buy a proper car?


nice to see you there mate

i think iv got frostbite
  TT 225

Nice meeting the few people I did, before I had to leave, but yea, was feckin freezing!

I vote the next meet will be at a nice pub with a nice big carpark
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Hello all you fellow members........thanks to Kelly ;) for mentioning the meet to me.......never been to Rochdale in my life before lol! Im the one with the new-spec 1.2 16v in silver.......! goood to meet other clio enthusiasts.....and good to see some of the me things to plan for when my free insurance expires....... :devilish: ill keep an eye on the site from now on and ill have to get myself some stickers!!!! cheers all.........Rob
  Skoda Fabia vRS


hit mate, hope you managed to have a chat with a few people an get some ideas, make sure you stick around !
  TT 225

lol - check me out recruiting new people and Ive only been a member 3 weeks, hehehe

Hiya Rob :) -- You should have spoken a little more tho, bet you would have if you knew the lad i was with was just a mate and not my b/f , hehehe
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Alright Rob........yeah ya said she was one for the spank bank yesterday......but i cant possible comment...........she would slap me next time ;) look forward to meetin up with a few of you at another local meet......should come up to our sunday cruises.......mind u, weathers turning crap! time for pub these days ;) Kelly.........dont slap
  H22A7 Accord Type R

but if u were as young as me.....ud have a 1.2 75bhp...not a 2.0 172+ bhp clio lol ;)