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*n0rfbest go to Cymru! Evo/Llangollen Ponderosa April run, Sat 9th April*


9th April.

Meeting points...

Lymm services. 9am. Set lymm as people from the midlands can easily join here from the M6. likewise Chester, Wrexham, Lpool and Runcorn on the M56 route.

Wrexham Bypass (although not many places to stop) maybe the massive carpark in Llangollen centre @ 10.15. Leave Llangollen at 11 on the nose and head up towards Corwen and the EVO tri... best bet Wrex lads?

Now heres the itinery. Ive set the run up on the premise of 30 cars attending. if thats the case we'll split the departures in 3 groups of ten. the last group can be for people wishing to take in sights and obviously slower cars.

I dont need/want to say this but this isn't a race/rally people. I've been on meets seeing cars crash at the control of seemingly normal chaps and it aint happeneing on something i've set up, would grate on me. We all love a blast but the welsh roads do have alot of weekend drivers and families, so lets just bare that in mind.

the route from the northwest will be boring to start as it will be motorway but that allows for tracking shots and a chilled drive (lynden!) I was going to say meet at my nans but i'm not sure 30 renaults outside hers would go down a treat ;)

From Llangollen we'll split the cars into three convoys for the run upto the EVO Triangle... with 10 mins gap or so. Up untill Llangollen people can all stick together as its mostly bypass, mway and A-roads.


Now the road that runs to Betws y coed needs no introduction does it, we'll run it in our gaps. then all meet up afterwards, i'll write it all down and issue details on the day (after a little liason with the welsh lads) if people are going to get lost.

After the run of the EVO I suggest we meet up in a cafe or somewhewre with ample parking for a pitstop and warstory break, then set off back into Llangollen...

The final leg and run back into llangollen and up the horseshoe pass to the ponderosa cafe where we will be expected by the staff, cheap food, alot of bikers, spectacular views. and a orzum gift shop to get something for your mum ;)

granted this will cost fuel for people but its one of those things a British petrolhead needs to experience... we'll make the run into Wales from Lymm as slow and chilled as possible so people can stretch legs in Wales.

Like I said i'll map the route out properly for n00bs and theres no pressure to lap it quicker than anyone, hence all are welcome providing they dont act a n0b.

I've got this up early so no1 can say thyey didnt see it ;) and I know theres been a fair bit of interest and excitement, just as the weather picks up too :) if you want to run the event on your own and dont like to travel with numbers then so be it, but this will be a fairly chilled and enjoyable day.

i took my nan out for a mini rekky the otherday...




Top of the Ponderosa




Above the clouds...





As you can see thats a tiny snippet and it was 1degrees, so April will be a corker, more details and info to come.
  Nimbus Megane R26
Shall get my holiday form in for Sat 9th april :)

I need a passenger ride in your megane btw..wanna see the difference :)
  Hyundai i30, Dog Van
This looks cracking, il start saving the pennies!

Who's going to let me stay the night :sleepy: Il be fubard when its over! 3Hour drive just to get to the meeting spot >.<
  rb182 cup
for the lads who dont know.....theres usually an "arrive alive" speed camera van parked on the a539 in acrefair
  S4 Avant
Might get the east mids lot to come over. Should be a good trip out! North wales scenery takes some beating as well.
Best to warn to AA 30 clios are going to be let loose far from home that day.

If i have a new car by april (which im hoping to do so) then ill come along :cool:
  DCi 100
Best to warn to AA 30 clios are going to be let loose far from home that day.

The toe eye crew will be in force. ;) get that f*cking car washed! ;)

I don't bother simply because of the wheels being that way. They don't get any better when clean so I don't bother with the whole lot tbh. It needs hoovering more than anything! Roll on march/april I'll wack out the G220 and buy some decent wax ;)
Me and a couple of my mates off 106oc/saxp do this quite regularly, would it be alright if we pop along? We're not the usual idiotic boy racers that tend to hang around on either of them sites lol.

I live about 2 miles from Corwen so would probably meet you enroute somewhere!

I wouldnt worry too much about splitting the convoy up either unless you have a massive turnout, we had a meet with i think 14 cars going round it and there was no problem at all :)
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With regards too carparks and being low car friendly...

The main carpark in Llangollen, has no speedbumps or anything from memory.
The only carpark i can think that you would stop in Betws has 2/3 but i managed them in the Saxo with minimal scraping and its been very low.
I fancy doing the Horseshoe pass later on today so will check the Ponderosa carpark for you aswell.

Let me know if theres anything else you need to know and i'll do my best to help.
I genuinely have no idea what my steer will be by then, but if it is something suitable I could well be up for this.