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So which ones of you crazy kids have these NOS kits installed? I was looking into getting a Wizard of NOS kit after a while, but a recent article in CCC said that this guy was only getting an 8bhp increase on 50bhp jets! Have you RR your cars with the laughing gas running to test the new bhps?
  BMW 320d Sport

The amount of power increase you get varies from one car to another. you cant really compare them, its all down to the inlet and head design. when its a 50hp jetting thats just a nominal figure. I can tell you that 60 jets in my Clio made it nice and quick and 100s even quicker.

Power has show around 40hp extra on a 60 jet and who knows on my 100s. I havent had that properly roaded yet.

the interesting part that the wizard oft omits is thus

IF your inlet / exhaust (and mainly exhaust) is strangled at normal peak poewer.. it will be even more strangled at nos power..

if ya get it in... ya gotta get it out....

you dont get owt fer nowt matey..

Valve overplap can cause severe problems with increased cyclinder pressure and a poor flow...

THAT is why 50 hp jets can give only 5-10 bhp etc.. and probably partly due to why Nick (Read) is not experiencing the true benefits..

Nick m8.. might be worth a couple of hors on the rollers and a cam swing m8...