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N80 WiFi Error

Im trying to connect to the net with my N80 via my D-Link G604T router however i get the error "No Default Gateway"

The phone finds the router fine, and i have created an Access Point but still nothing works when i try and connect to the internet.

The security settings are WPA PSK String

Im sure its something to do with the phone as my Laptop can connect wirelessly to the router and i can browse the internet and file share from my Desktop.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Yep, its a ballache. I give up with it yesterday after it working then not working then working .... I think the strength of the signal supposedly affects it aswell. Make sure your router is broadcasting the SSID.

Think the new firmware has sorted a few issues so im goin to wait till ive upgraded mine.
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new firmware helps.

but connect with ur security all off, and broadcasting on, rather than entering it manually. once uv got it setup and wokring, turn the security on one by one.
I am still getting this problem with the In Built Browsers.... however using Opera Mini i can connect but i cant connect using the Full Version of Opera....

Has anyone else got Tiscali BB and have tried connecting this?