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Name this noise

Hi guys... just curious about this one.Today I was at a set of lights which I pulled away from fairly hard, but when I did this I got a really loud violent banging noise from under the car.Almost like the judder you get from the wheels losing grip then grabbing again.But when that happens normally the gear stick shakes back and forth with the engine.This time it didnt.... just wanted to know if anyone knows what this is and wether it can cause any damage ??.Im not the type who pulls away from lights with spinning wheels, it was wet and I just put too much power down.


Dont worry mate, i got that this morning too!! It was raining and/or the road was wet and I tried to burn off in first gear. All I got was a lot of spinning and a hard bang bang bang from somewhere up front!! I expect its a support in the engine bay or something that clanks when the engine judders (Notice technical terminology here!!!). Or maybe traction control? Dunno. Dont worry about it though

could be engine supports or exhaust banging, specially if u have a de-cat, makes the exhaust a lot loghter and easier to move about
  Clio RS 200

Im sure there is a post somewhere saying the souund is some torque rod or something making the noise. As mine does it aswell.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Loads of 172s have this problem - even in the dry as mine did also. Lots of car sound like theyre jumping when accelerating in the wet. Were you wheel-spinning (by accident)? if you werent, which is what was happening in my case and lots of other 172s; under heaving accleration a harsh knocking noise, kinda like the one youre describing occurs - even in second gear. This is due to a loose/dodgy engine mount underneath the battery side. A new/different bolt needs to be put in there by your dealer and it should be sorted. Once they found out what it was my dealer managed to fix it. If you garage cant fix it, get them to call: SMC Renault Woking 01483 720322 and ask the technicians advise as to a fix.......thats who fixed my knocking problem, EVO took their V6 there for servicing i think.


  Audi TT Stronic

Is it REALLY, I have been having this noise too, it stops me from putting my foot down in 1st, it was a bit scary the noise, I will pay a visit to Renault..

It starts to spin, then a millisecond after you get the knocking noise.. phew what a relief to know its not a Renault "Standard Feature".

Ok Thanks guys... I got a bit worried when it happened.I could just imagine breaking cv joints and alsorts with that kind of banging.I think I will go and see renault about the engine mount bolt thing.