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Navigon BlueMedia BM 6300 Sat Nav

  Skoda Fabia vRS

well i work for Motor World mate, and feedback from customers who have bought them so far seems good

one fella bought one, then brought his mate in to buy another

I got one of these before travelling from Scotland down to Eastbourne and then onto Falmouth.

It is an excellent piece of kit, I would recommend it to anyone, put in your details and it takes you right to the door every time.

At one point I was going from Eastbourne down to Hastings, and noticed there was a huge traffic build up of traffic travelling in the opposite direction, on my return I entered the details back to Eastbourne, but deliberately took a wrong turn towards London for a mile or so, I was immediately re-routed in a different route along some country roads back to Eastbourne, missing out the traffic. Brilliant...
  Clio 172 Mk2

I have got one of these

I drove from Letchworth (Hertfordshire) to Bournemouth (Dorset)

I found that the unit is really good from getting to A to B, but i dont think that its very good round town driving because it doesnt give you enough time to swap lanes etc, maybe all Sat Navs are like that

But from town to town, the unit is great