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Need a new bonnet.. 4 months of owning my 182..

  Clio 182
After a new bonnet for my 182 and was wondering if anyone knows the best website/shop to get one from and a decent place to get a paint job. All advice appreciated! many thanks, Rory.


South West
ClioSport Area Rep
  Clio 182 LY
Where in the South West are you? Can recommend a bodyshop, for a bonnet just buy one second hand off eBay is your best bet really as decent new ones won't be cheap


ClioSport Moderator
Renault charge 160 for a new genuine bonnet. Cant remember if that is with VAT.


ClioSport Club Member
@Rorymango What's the matter with yours? I have one here in Somerset @ £30. Has some small dints from being pushed shut but nothing a body shop wouldn't be able to quickly sort when prepping for paint.


ClioSport Moderator
Do you have a link or should I just phone them up?
You cant really get the dents out near the front as there is support bars behind

Here is the cost and part number - personally would go for the platinum one in my link above.