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Need help bad - Battery


Really need help. Ive got a clio 2000 X reg 1.4 alize, and if i leave my car over night i have to jump start it in the morn, really p******g me off now. Is there anyway i can find out wat is draining my battery. Can i use a voltmeter or something to see how much drain is actually coming out of the battery.

I dont think its the battery as its only bout 3 months old and dont think its the alternator.

Cheers for ur help guys.
  Not a Clio

wont help in finding the problem but disconnect the battery when you get in so it wont drain over night until you can locate the problem. Save jumping it.
  172 cup'd extreme

be the alternator is duff, when you stop the car the battery is earthing and draining the battery over time will f*ck the battery new alternator easy to change as long as you dont have aircon

i have aircon. lol. Thing is i dont wanna replace the alternator then find out its not that. is there no way to find out how much drain is coming out of the battery when the car is turned off.