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need help

i have cliosport mk1 with lower kit 60mm and koni

and now i want to change the tires

im looking for toyo proxes t1s size 195/50/15

but i cant found this size only 195/45/15

or toyo fz4 with 195/50/15

what better ?
  Illiad V6 255

Just this morning had some Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD-3 195/50/15 put on the front of my 172 Mk1.

Not only do they look the dogs (shoulders are near slick), also came out top in EVO test against selection of performance tyres including Toyo Proxes. Not that I want it to rain, but apparent wet handling is excellent. Compared with the horrible Mich Pilot SXs that were on the car when I got it, the cornering is noticeable improved.

£45 a pop all in fitted from the excellent Micheldever tyres. Cheaper than internet places when you consider fitting.

Dont know how long Ill be able to put up with the Mich Pilots on the back - buggers just wont wear out!!

i got teh older F1s on my car, and i dont rate them at all........Ask Aaron, when were going about the place, the front washes out something nto akin to the rep the F1s have.....

Bridgestone RE-720s i have used and are great, superb grip and great wet weather performance. I would like to try the S-03s
  Illiad V6 255

F1 GSD-2 or the other "non-vee tread pattern" F1s? Bit of research I did prior to buying was that F1s got consistently high ratings.

Either way, Im enjoying my F1s (well 20 miles so far) and youre happy with your Bridgestones so the world is cool :cool:

Also what do I know!? On my Xsara VTS (a car you really could speed in since nobody gave it a first let alone second look), I put on some Falken ZE-512s. Seemed OK-ish to me, but just discovered how terrible the ratings are for them - everbody who bothered to review hated them.