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  1. H

    Cambelt tensioning with keyed Crankshaft Pulley Clio 182

    Hi everyone, I am currentlty changing the timingbelt on my 182 and decided to swap the crankpulley for the keyed one. Now I have the problem, that following the standard guide I am not able to get the tension right and distribute the tension even on the belt. Is it possible to go past the 12'o...
  2. I

    Clio 172 Cambelt - which one?

    My car is a (PH2) 172 cup with no air conditioning. Can someone drop a link for the correct place to pick up the right items for my car? Everything needed for a full cambelt / aux belt service. Found the right person to do the work for me, just need to gather all the bits! :)
  3. F

    Dephaser pulley on the way out ?

    Idk i think it might be on the way out, car was nice and warm, just after a bit of a hoon this afternoon, i think it starts to sound a bit diesel'ish, i mean what do you think ? Dephasing still works fine tho, still get the kick @5000rpm and timed at 6.6 sec gps 0-60 so it still performs good.
  4. E

    Clio 172 Engine Out

    Hi chaps, My missus' 172 that we just bought is due for its belts to be done as well as the dephaser and water pump, from what I've read, it's easier to do the belts by taking the engine out. Has anyone got any tips for taking out the engine for the belts? Would it be easier to take it out of...
  5. G

    Need some help diagnosing

    Hi guys, I’m based in Australia and got myself an rs 172 about a year ago. It had had a couple of owners and service history showed a water pump change, accessory belt change and a few bits and pieces. I drove her for about 10,000 km but nothing in anger. I became worried about the unknown...
  6. B

    Catastrophic engine failure

    Hihi, first post so go easy on me. Last Sunday, I was headed off to drop some polish off to one of the boys in my 2004 Clio 182. Driving onto the bypass, 3rd gear @ WOT, 4K rpm, I heared a big bang, bits of engine coming out of the exhaust and a whole lot of smoke. The car sat for a week until...
  7. 1

    New cambelt whining!!!!!!!?

    I’ve just had my new cambelt kit fitted with new dephaser , aux belt, and water pump Last week and since having it done it’s developed a whining noise most noticeable when I lift off it’s kind of reminiscent to a supercharger. Could it have been fitted incorrectly or is it normal for a cambelt...
  8. K

    Should i change water pump when changing timing belt ?

    Hi guys I have a Renault clio III 1.6 16v, it's way overdue for a timing belt change (at 130 000km/80 000miles now) I have purchased a new timing belt and tensioner, do I need to replace the water pump as well ? And is there anything else I need to purchase ? Any additional information will be...
  9. JB21

    Cambelt/Aux belt failure *POLL*

    So after my recent aux belt failure slipping the timing on the Clio, I was just curious as to how often this actually occurs on the sport engines. If relevant please choose a poll option and post in the thread with what engine this occurred on and the scenario of how it happened.
  10. M

    Buying a Clio 197- one question.

    Hi there, I'm hopefully buying a Clio 197 soon! It seems to be in pretty good nick and exited to get it! Been lurking in the forums for a few weeks now and I've seen stuff about cambelts. I read that they need replaced every 72k and the one I am looking to purchase is 68k. Does this seem a bit...
  11. H

    K4J adjusting cams without removing belt?!

    Hi I am new to the forum , recently picked up a 2003 Clio 1.4 16v , pretty smart looking , have some borbet 14x8's to go on along with some coilovers however having trouble with a rough idle (said no one ever!) I had changed the cambelt and waterpump myself (with all the correct timing tools)...
  12. NRAWhite

    Cambelt Change

    Hey guys, I just bought a 172 and am looking to change the cambelt (out of servicer interval). Where would you recommend I do it? It will be in the Dorset area. I have contacted K-Tech I just want to know the price is competitive and I'm not getting ripped off. Many Thanks Nathan
  13. AdamCup

    Cambelt Tensioning Help

    In the process of changing my cambelt, i've read the process many times over but i can't figure out if i'm missing a tool or doing something wrong. I'm trying to rotate the belt 6 times to check the tension, which tool should i use ? The manual says MOT 799-01 but i'm using MOT 1801. I can...
  14. W

    Need some advice!

    Hi all. Pretty new to this forum stuff. Anyway ivr just had my 172 in to have the camblet water pump and a few sensors changed. All came to over a grand. I picked up the car this morning. Was running better than ever until about 15 minuets into my drive the battery and stop light came on. I lost...
  15. M

    Cambelt- Dephaser/water pump too? 182

    Hey everyone, So in June my cam belt will be due again. The car has done just over 73k and is a 55 plate. The big question is do I also change the de-phaser and/or water pump at the same time as I have no evidence of these being changed in the cars life time. I'm pretty much decided on going...
  16. ThatKidSmokey

    Cambelt service and £200 voucher

    At this years clioSport festival I won a cambelt service on any Clio from diamond motors and a £200 voucher at road track race from the raffle. My Clio is on its way out so it's very doubtful I will use either of these prizes. Would anyone won't to buy them from me for a cheap price...
  17. H

    Is this garage having my pants down?

    Hi all, Just bought my first clio182 last week, so I'm new to the forum. I bought the car without it ever having a cam belt change and at 59,000 miles I decided to get it booked in ASAP. I put it in the garage on the 25th for what I was told was going to be a one day job. I was quoted £469...