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Need some advice

In regards to the standard sound system on the Clio mk1.

Basically Ive got a mk 1 minus a headunit. (its never had once since I got it).

Ive brought a Sony Minidisc headunit to tied me over for a few months.

Looking at the car what I can see where the headunit used to be is an aeral adaptor and an standard Renault old skool adaptor (See pic below).

Now under the front two speakers theres a connector hanging down under each, theyre quite small and thin and have numbers going from 1-5 on them.
Now I guess these are the speakers which are not attached, if so what are all the wires in that red adapator for and where do the speakers connect to as the leads are very very short and only just stick out from under the dash so they wouldnt reach to the headunit or anything like that.

Update, Ive managed to take a picture of one of the wires sticking out near the speaker and another wire Ive found under the bonnet could someone kindly try to identifiy them for me please because Im really baffled as to whats going on here.

Sorry if they seem blured its a crappy camera.

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Djw John

Scotland - South
ClioSport Area Rep

The first pic just take off the adaptor and buy a new one from your local ice place with an ISO conector on the other en. Not a scooby what teh other thingas are though, see if it works without them!