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Mart.'s 172 Cup


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
So as ever I leave everything to the last minute

Got the wheels on. They are a little rough but I quite like the satin so going to have a go at doing them myself again . These aren't permanent as the turinis look so much better in my opinion.

I've still got the front and rear spacers to go on but leaving them off for the weekend so no rubbing. Will put them on after as think they will sit better again but I do quite like them.



Cleaned the turinis whilst they were off


Part of the deal also got a steering wheel. Needed a good clean so used soapy water and not come up too bad. Cannot believe how big the standard wheel is in comparison. It felt big but it is quite sizable.

Put a Renault sport sticker on as well

I suspect I now need clip to turn the airbag light off unless resistors do work like they did on my old ST?





ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
So attended CSF and it was great. Been to blyton a number of times now. It's one of my closest tracks, and I enjoy it a lot they are perfect for these cars.

So driving across in the morning I was thinking "oh this will be fun with no ABS or TC" ?

I ended up judging everything off when I was last there in my fiesta ST which was somewhat more set up for track. So needless to say I locked up in the wet in the morning, brown trouser moment and realised I needed to learn the car first. It was great getting to learn the car though. I can't believe how well these are setup, it was such a joy to drive around. Just glad I made the decision to get some better tyres on.






Unfortunately the pads in the car weren't up to the job and I wore the whole set out in 3 hours, and looks like the calliper was starting to rub the disc. Had the ferodo ds2500 on my fiesta so will look into a set of these with the standard discs as they were the perfect setup for me last time


The steering wheel has made such a difference to driving the car, it's the perfect size now.

Purchased a couple of stickers in chrome and they look quite good.


So, with the day done, changed the wheels, and put the front spacers on. These look so much better now. Couple of pics on the way out with the sun shining.




I was genuinely surprised that I think i was 1 of only 2 172 cups there from what I could see.

And the issue I now have is the itch for trackdays is now back so looking at donnington evening session at beginning of August.

Saw some fluids on Facebook the other day so picked those up today for when I need them. Engone Oil, gearbox oil and type d coolant


Whilst there I swung by the scrapyard to get a connector for the steering wheel to wire the horn up on the new wheel. Snipped the connector off the scrapyard wheel with some wiring and used spare connectors on the sparco wheel horn to get them connected. Horn now works bonus and can just swap over when/if I want to put standard wheel back on.

I also had 2 resistors knocking about that I used on my steering wheel for the airbag on my fiesta ST to take the lights out. I wondered if these would do the job. Thankfully they have. Took the lights out so taped them up and tucked them away. Well pleased with this.

Also got home Friday and this arrived. New radiator and PAS switch.



ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
I was aswell and walked round the whole place looking for more unless I missed them ?‍♂️ Slowly going through replacing bits so least I know they are done. Just found my E91 leaking today from the rad but somehow feel that won’t be as cheap to buy ?


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
So purchased some bottom arms with black series bushes for a good price as mine look like they are starting to perish so can’t be good for handling.

Also, this afternoon and after my experience on track at the weekend I’ve been contemplating selling the trendlines and getting a fixed bucket and sticking the standard passenger seat back in. I’m also scared to mark the seats when my kids are about which is bonkers! ?so will see what’s about as the whole point is for it to be fun.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Purchased a sparco pro2000 seat with side mount and frame to be collected at the weekend, so recaros will be coming out in the next few days. Please get in touch if interested.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
So bottom arms arrived and like new with the black series bushes in so they will be on soon.


This tickled me when 4 wheel nuts arrived in a box this size lol?


I have a seat problem.


Forgot that one of the bolts snapped when I took the passenger seat out so trip to my favourite place at the weekend again


Seats are partially in. Nothing is bolted down yet. Just waiting on a seatbelt mount but looks good and the weight difference is ridiculous. Seating position is much better for what I am after As Well..




ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Some wheels caught my eye last night so I impulse purchased again ? and collect next week. Bit of a random colour but as they are second wheels it doesn’t matter.

OZ’s will be up for sale once the tyres are off and I have given the satin a fresh coat.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
While since I updated but tonight moved the car and set about removing the front bumper so I can crack on with changing the radiator and PAS switch.

With the bumper off I hadn’t appreciated how much $h!t had built up in there over the years so cleared all of that out.

Just purchased some bilt hamber to protect all the areas behind the bumper.

Losing light fast now aswell so didn’t get much else done.

The wheels above fell through so I ended up purchasing some gold paint to do the OZ’s instead. However.....

With a distinct lack of time now with a small baby and a 5 year old it’s not moved much over the past month and I don’t foresee it moving much more over the coming months. I naively thought I would have the time ?. Potential for sale thread incoming in the next month or so once everything I have stored up for it is fitted and I’m back from ?? . Watch this space ? depends what else pops up in the meantime to go back to one car.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Massive update.

Mats! Thanks to @Mbeau got a nice set of what are almost new mats to replace the tired ones. And rear ones as cups don’t normally have them.

Updates to come!


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
2 updates in less than a week. Picked up a standard radio locally to replace the scratched one I have for £15.

Even better it came with this....A Renault Alpine stacker standard CD changer! Just needs a wipe down. A piece of modern history.

Thought this would be another nice little OEM+ retrofit fit to sit under passenger seat to add to the car.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Refitted the rear wiper and motor last night.... because OEM.

Gave both things a coat of dating so looks nice and fresh.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
This will be up for sale from 16th Oct.

Just purchased another car and so can’t keep this aswell. Full spec list for the car will be up in the next week and I’ll put an advert up aswell.

It’s going into local Renault dealer for the launch of the mk5 on the 15th so will be in the showroom then.

Will be looking for £2,200.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Properly productive few hours this morning.

Rad off and changed for nissens one. Old one had a leak which you can see looks like the rust below and had seen better days. Everything swapped over fan and mounts etc. Great fitment aswell.

Cleaned everything up whilst it was off.

Also changed the coolant bottle for a new cleaner one. Looks much better. Easier to do whilst rad was off.

changed oil and filter. Genuine elf oil used. Sump washer changed. That had seen better days so good to get that changed. Weirdly the sump plug required no force to get it off so hadn’t been tightened properly last time. Oil was also dark so well due a change.

Also changed the PAS switch for genuine Renault one as had a small leak from there. £31 gone 😆

Pads up next and calliper paint in silver.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Front pads have now been changed for DS2500.

I’ve given the callipers a coat of silver hammerite but the light went off like a switch this evening.

Also got a large can of bilt hamber and sprayed the inside of the wings whilst the wheels were off just to give them protection.


ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
Got the exhaust gasket sealant kit put on this morning. What a pain in the backside that was. Safe to say the old gasket was shot and hadn’t been sealed properly before. Sounds great now.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
So clio went into local dealer this evening for the launch of the mk5 clio.

Looks great.

First time I’ve ever heard a v6 aswell.


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ClioSport Club Member
  Audi A3 2.0T Quattro
SOLD to the first person to put a deposit on it and view it. I have never had so much interest in any of the 20+ cars I’ve sold before.

Wicked cars and glad I’ve owned one but picked a fiesta ST MK6 MR200 which I’ve wanted for a while and one popped up. The inlet is worth over half the cars value!

I might do a dual project thread on that and the e91 as I do really like this forum so will be hanging about!