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Need some V6 Brakes for my 172

  320d M Sport

Seen as my brake servo is p1ssing me off its got me thinking.....Where, if anywhere, could I get the front set to whack on mine, would they fit behind the standard Mk2 Alloys??

Anyone done this yet?


And the wheels are five stud, whereas the 172 is four stud, so no real hope of the V6 brakes fitting! Why not fit the Laguna brakes as per the Clio Cup race car?

cause you need the laguna hubs then, as per the cliocup racers.

you will also need modified laguna front struts to go with them.

bvet bet is to buy a 2ltr megane coupe 4 pot kit off brembo or AP. or willwood etc........they are a straight fit.
  320d M Sport

Cheers Ben, gonna look into it when Ive got some reddies...

Brembo four pot would be schweet!!!


Why not buy a Prima, Hi-spec or K-Tec 172 big disc conversion - Primas is £310 for 310mm front discs and calipers