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New 172 cup owner - Track day build.

  Clio 172 Cup Edition
Hi all,

I'm new to the site but have been following the facebook group for a few weeks now.

I used to be a very active member of a few years back when i used to have astra's.

I bought this accident damaged low milage 172 cup with the intentions of breaking it and selling the parts. car aprears to have been mint pre accident :p


After having the car sat on my drive waiting to be broke for a few weeks (was busy breaking other cars) i fell in love with it and have decided to repair the damage and convert it to a nice little track car.

plans are...
Interior strip,
Buckets and 4 point weld in cage to be fitted and painted white,
Wheels powder coated white eventualy,
racing steering wheel,
air con delete,
Pas Delete,
Vented grooved disks all round,
uprated pads all round,
semi slick tyres / maybe make do with toyo's to begin with.
perspex windows,
lots of weight saving.
spare sets of wheels for different tyre options during track days
and anything else i fancy during the build, I'm sure i'll learna few things on here so list will only get bigger.

I am a certified engine technician so i intend to strip and re-build the engine in the winter after having some fun with it this year.
there will be plenty of engine mods coming to keep me busy during the depressing british winter. until then the engine will remain mostly standard.

Part already purchased for repair are.
New sport front bumper.
New slam pannel.

I actualy got the front bumper as part of a full kit on ebay for £49!!!

The car only needs the front bumper out of the deal so i will be selling the rear and skirts if anybody needs them, they dont owe me much so grab a bargain!

the rear bumper needs a re-spray as has marks in the paint.

I will of course be writing a detailed progress thread on here, and i will be looking at attending shows and meets ect in the near future.

thanks for reading,

Shaun. (Big Wilson)


  Z4, VW172, R26
Welcome mate. I'd sell the wheels and buy 2118s as yours will fetch close to 2118 money.. 2118s for the win..
  Clio 172 Cup Edition
Chi any major differences betwene the 2118's and turini's (weight/stengh)?
i need multiple sets of wheels for different tyre configurations so i may just buy the 2118's for my wet tyres


  Z4, VW172, R26
If you need a few sets then prob f1s are besy suited due to price. . 15s are the wtg.. Depends how serious you want to get
  Clio 172 Cup Edition
ok, cheers for the advise. for the time being i'm just going to use the turinis with a decent dry use tyre, then make my choises from there.

i'm lucky enough to live a stones throw away from oulton park so testing will play a big part in the build.

hoping to get fairly serious in the long run, i've got a lot to learn first though as this is my first track car and first clio.