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New 172 engine software available!


Picked my car up from Reno today, after another week in the shop and this time they seemed to have fixed all my problems.

During the course of my conversation with the RTE he told me that they recieved a disk fron reno today with the new engine software on it, which he installed into my engine computer.

He said if was to help the engine run smoothly during the cold start to operating temp. transition.

The wording used on the report was:

Loss of power/poor throttle. Carried out full computer check - no real problems have shown up. We received a new reprogramme disk from Renault and the car has been updated to the latest spec with this disk. On road testing the car does feel more responsive. Customer to confirm that this has made an improvement.

The car does seem to feel better, but then after a week of running around in a 1.2 (no offense intended) it would feel faster anyway, I guess.

It may be worth popping into your local reno and getting the software updated on your cars, too.


Em interesting I wonder if this will help my 172 which is very lumpy on cold start up and seeminlgy all the time!

Dont know if its advisable to tell Renault how to do there Job though!

Does anyone have any suggestions?
  Silver Fabia vRS

Abbs_172 - The lumpy start is to do with the engine emmisions until the engine gets to a certain temperature......I think BenR had the full info on it but do a search and see if you can find out more info.
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Hi Face,

I will contact my Reno dealer in next couple of days. What dealer/franchise do you get your work done? If my Stirling Reno dealer knows nothing about this (most likely!) I could then refer them to your dealer for information. I am due to go in for some warranty work in about a weeks time so could maybe get it done then if they have access to this data. This cold start problem is really starting to do my head in so would like to get it sorted out as soon as :(


  Clio 1.6 16V

Just off the phone to the Stirling Reno dealer Service Manager. They received a new ECU disk yesterday (Version 8). Apparently the disk they receive covers all the current Reno models and is generally updated every few weeks by Reno. My car is booked in for next Sat. They will do a full diagnostics first and then reprogram the ECU if it has an older software version loaded ....just have to wait now! Thanks to you all for the info. Cheers, Neil

basically, during teh life of cars, manufacturers will keep sending updates to install as course. Whena car comes into service, they just do, it, not normally telling you. Most owners probably have it done several times now, if your cars is over 1yr old.

and the rough startup is nothing bad for the car. To meet euro 3 emissions laws the engine has to idle rough initially and do odd things to warmup fast!

the euro 3 emissions are teh same as the euro 2 (mk1 172) but without the 5 min warmup time. Meaning it has to get the right emissions from the start. and as we all know, a cat doesnt work when teh engine runs lean and poorly unil the cat is up to temp.

also, since teh mk1s had the 5 min warup, they could run twin cats for less restriction, but still meant eh same emissions......twin casts on a MK2 will take longer to warm up. But saying that, MK2s are being replaced with twin cats.......but since they are sold they are no longer checked for euro 3 emissions, only MOT which it meets easily.

Has anyone with a cup had this update done?? abbs_172??

took mine down last sat, the dealer told me they had no updates for the cup. He even printed off something from Renault, listing any fixes etc. to my car, and there was nothing on there.

This cold start thing is really annoying, especially trying to pull out at roundabouts. The car just wont go anywhere.....