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new 172 owner...want more power!

  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
ive recently got a 2001 172 as part of a deal for my old pug 306, its already got a magnex exhaust and k and n but was wandering wot decat pipe is recommened for the 172 as this seems the next stage to get sum more gee gees out of her! ive also been looking at the k tec group n ecu, has anyone got any thoughts on these if it was fitted along side the mods that are done now and a decat pipe???


speak to pmurray about a remap, and maybe fred at yozzasport for a decat.. just my 2p worth! :D oh and welcome to CS
  Vectra :(
Dont expect to much in the way of power increases unless you have 3-4k spare tho mate as thats what it costs realistically.

As said for a decat see fred ( i can recommend :D

Remap if you can afford it or if money is tight consider a group N ecu. BBPT are doing them for about £150 at the mo i think.

Oh and hello :D
  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
cheers for welcome, wil do a search aswell as that mite have been a good idea to start with!:eek:
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  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
i have been lookin how much air is actually got feeding it, it looks quite new tho so prob wont be in too much of a rush to change it over just yet...
  ph1 172 / r1 mini project
Martin_89 said:
K&N will lose you power on a 2.0 clio no matter how many cold air feeds you give it!

lol i mite take a run to demon thieves at the wkend then for a nose at wot they have got! any particular sealed units recommended???
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Lam7r said:
I have one ;)

Give Fred/Andrew a ring mate they will sort you

Mk2 ph2 will fit a Mk2 ph1

Not always... I asked Fred about making a Ph1 decat aggggeeesss ago and he never came back to me :(


remove the k&n, fit an ITG panel filter £45
get the inlet manifold sorted out £170
decat £100ish
remap £275
get some better springs too, Eibach Pro or Sportlines £150ish + fitting