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new alloys

  clio 20v

ive ordered my 17s and will come tommorrow there 17s with 205/40 tyres and the offset is 37mm

the cars lowered 40mm, where are they going to rub and am i still going to be able to get 2 people in the back,

and finally whats the differance going to be driving wise from standard 15s
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hes told me there Mille Miglia but wont say which ones, im sure they will be on by the time we have the first North West meet so all will then be revealed

the new HT3 are a wicked rim if he is getting these

right it may rub on the inner front arch on full lock but back should be fine.

  clio 20v

he he, wongy might have guessed right but im not telling ull hav to come the north west meet and see

ive just put em on now and after a quick drive round the block they were rubbing slightly on the rear inner arch that covers the petrol filler hose so thats gone in the bin and slightly when reversing on full lock to the left

im gonna leave it to see which guard is catching and rip it out

and oh yeh they look wicked