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New Battery?

  Clio 1.4, SV650S
Car has taken a couple of times to start recently.

Then, after sitting at idle with radio, fan, lights on in the que for red bull air race (FOR 7 HOURS!) i found that the battery was completely dead the next time i started the car up. Wont even turn the engine over.

Do i just need jump leads and a good ragging to get it topped up or is it new battery time?


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Sounds like its fcuked to me mate if its not holding a charge . Try using a battery charger , if that doesn't work looks like a new battery required .
  Clio 1.4, SV650S

i'll ask at work today, see if i can borrow one.
pain in the arse, trying to sell car at the moment!