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new clio next week

hi guys

just thought id let you lot know that sometime next week i will be receiving the delivery of a brand new 172,
some of you guys will know that we have had nothing but trouble with our current one and the boys and reno are givien us a new one as they can never seem to fix the problem

gr yes its a another flame red one



  Shiny red R32

Why not have a change of colour Wongy, it might bring you luck! It would REALLY seem like a new car then!


thats what i said to my mum as they offered the choice of colour again. but mum and dad like the red. oh well. it was me who convinced them to get the red in the first place. i blame myself for choosing such a wicked colour

Good news - have you really had that much trouble? I think Ive had quite a bit too think they will give me a new one?


yes good news.
mine had a electronic problem that keeped on putting the car into limp mode/self protection mode and reno never could trace the real cause and fix it