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New Clio On Finance

Hiya guys im new here so be nice :p

im looking to getting a new 1.2 16v clio at the end of the month for my 18th...need to get it on finance as i cant afford to buy a car in 1 go. Im after a deal that allows me to pay on finance and with free insurance if i can, im based in cardiff but will travel anywhere to get this car, any help much appreciated

Cheers, Matt :D
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i got a personal loan, paid the car on SWITCH lol, ouch, and got free insurance :) and was very happy that day i will tell you!!!

The finance at renault is very good, id get that, though i bought my car outright. Think you have to be 19 for free insurance but make sure you ask, they tried doing it for me and couldnt, but im 17 so you should give it a go. As mike said, ask your dealer.

The minimum age for insurance is currently 19 on the Dynamique 1.2 16V and dCi 65. However, if you are quick there are a few Expression Plus 1.2 16V that have free insurance from 18. Renault Cardiff or Evans & Isaac will be able to help

cheers Jeremy m8 :D

u based in cardiff aswell then?

Yeah we had all the cliosport crew down at Halfords Western Avenue where i work

Matthew Ings how are you???!!!!

Its rich from up the road just go and speak to claire perkins?? at renault down penarth road say your mate has brought two clios of them both cost £8100 instead of £8900 and see what kinda deal u can get off her!

I got mine on renaults finance not to bad a price call round for a chat if u see my car on the drive.:cool:

the best deal renault dealers can give you is 4.4 % so dont be fobbed off with anything less :) (i think)

You can get the 1.4 16v with 1 years free insurance.

Ive just got a deal from renault for 1.6 16v £300 deposit £219 a month.

thats £25 a month more than I pay for 1.2 16v not bad I think for an extra 35 bhp!!!

Oakley, so youre getting a 1.6 ! That will make about three of us in total that I know of on Cliosport. Ive only ever seen two others on the road in the 21,000 miles I have done in mine.

I think that people either go for the 1.2 16 for economy and cheap/free insurance or one of the 172 models for outright performance.

Welcome to somewhere in the middle :)


Stubod, make that four, i too am a member of the 1.6 club. I can say i have never seen another 1.6 on the road!

In the small close where I live there are five new shape clios, my 1.6, a 1.2 16v, Dci 80, Dci 65 and a 1.4 16v oh and one of those new Meganes. It gets very confusing in the snow whos car is whos.

The fact is, nobody seems to opt for the 1.6, speaking to my neighbour, who is a renault dealership manager (youd never have guessed that would you), its because of the insurance group hike (5 to 10) over the 1.4 16v for an extra 12bhp. But having driven the 1.4, I think its totally different and doesnt feel anywhere near as torquey.



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Quote: Originally posted by local on 08 January 2003

Stubod, make that four, i too am a member of the 1.6 club. I can say i have never seen another 1.6 on the road!

How can you tell the difference between a 1.6 and the rest from a distance?

hey matt_ings from corsa sport ??

im also new to this :p

also looking to get a new clio after i punt ma corsa after the kits onit in january....

am goin in to my nearest renault garage on sat but was wondering would i be liable to gettin the 1.4sport with finance with free insurance

btw im 19 ,

oh yeah ma bird told me its better to wait till 03 comes out with all the new deals on ? this true?


Yeah Im getting the 1.6. Its on order. There is no way I can afford the insurance for a 172. Its surprising how quick the 1.6 is! If you look on parker car guide website there is not much in the 1.6 range that has a quicker 0 - 60 time not that Ive found anyway.

The way of telling the difference is the badge on the door. !.6 has a 1.6 16v badge, the 1.4 has a 1.4 16v badge, the 1.2 16v has a 16v badge and the 1.2 has a 1.2 badge. Its that simple!

Girlracer, there are three blue ones and two silver (sorry no pearl black;))

Oakley, dont forget the 106 GTI and Saxo VTS all have quicker 0-60 times, but the difference in reality is not all that ( as you will no doubt find out for yourself ) been there a number times, with some intriguing results. And no, for the record I am not suggesting that the 1.6 clio is faster/as fast or can beat the likes of the GTI or VTS, that would just be plain silly now wouldnt it !;)