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New Clio V6

  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Not as nice as the mk1. That mk2 front spoils the show for me.

Are there any other modifications that have been made to the mk2 apart from the styling and engine tweaks?


So much better than the MKI, that is soooooooooo stunning ! I want one right now ! The new front end looks so much meaner I think ! I gotta have one !

Hmmm. Not so sure myself. The Mk II front end doesnt seem to look right with those huge wings. Looks a bit boz-eyed.

Think I prefer the Mk1. Might grow on me though.
  Silver Fabia vRS

I am going to discuss this with the other half tomorrow and my parents to see if they can help out with the cost in the way of a generous loan! Then Ill maybe go put a deposit down.
  Clio v6

The MK 2 front spoils it for me too, but i wouldnt mind the 18" wheels.

EVO tested their MK1 V6 and said they did 0-60 in 5.7 secs. So I guess this new model may also be quicker than factory figures ( provided it isnt any heavier with all those new lights and stuff )

and Ooooh! what a lovely blue :D
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

Yep no denying the colour is nice. And are they bigger wheels, they look the same to me, altho ofcourse thats not to say they are.

I expect this is the right time to buy a mk1, as the dealers will all be wanting rid now wont they?


Thats right about dealers wanting to shift the mk1s. I know that Renault have quite a few left hanging around un-registered at their main depot, and they are trying to reduce the price to sell them. I think they will be going for around 20k, so a saving of 5k!!!! although 20k is still alotta cash!!!! I have seen them in auto-trader for 26-28k which is mad, who wants a second hand one when you can get your hands on a new one for 7k less!!!!

The mk2 v6 looks totally gorgeous!!!! really nice, and Renault have allegidly sorted the nervous handling!! Would be so cool to own one, but for that money you could get a damn fine Evo6 tommi Mak....although for Evo cant beat the V6....well done Renault...

the MK2 front ooks evil i think...ace!

and there ahve been heavy suspension mods.....i.e. a totally redesigned front subassembly.

and in hong kong guess how much its selling for!

the eqiuvalent of 33,400 pounds!!


  Shiny red R32

Hi there deuginthesky and welcome to our Club! Your pics are great, the car is gorgeous.

Quote: Originally posted by GirlRacer on 28 September 2002

Hi there deuginthesky and welcome to our Club! Your pics are great, the car is gorgeous.
Thanks , but they are not mine.

Maranello and Mad 167_VTS from the RS Team did the pics.

They played the Yuppies in the Murcielago , that is funny to see !

Just read the review in Latest Auto-Car, they have said price is the same, so a whopping £25,995!!! but Renault have sorted the dodgy on the edge handling at speed, also 18 inch alloys lovely!!!! and 255bhp, 0-60 in 5.5 secs...and it looks so so cool, nice side shot and rear shot in the mag...bought it just for sad am I???
  Scirocco GT TSi DSG

There is a car God. That has to be the best looking car I have ever seen. Are they new headlight washers on the front I see? If that car could be reduced in price to about £23,000 the new RS and R32 would have no chance.