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New Cliospace

Check out autocar and autoexpress for pics of the new cliospace - mini mpv - and for those who think the new shape clio (including our friend Jeremy T) wont be out for another 3 tears - theyre sorely kmistaken - its the new clio frontend by the looks of things and oh - what a resemblance to the new micra which shares the same platform -hmmmm funny that!
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Ill continue to say it, as will Jeremy who works for Renault UK...........THE NEW CLIO ISNT OUT UNTIL 2005...although there is a smaller city/mpv car coming out in 2004....the one you are talking about.

Magazines dont always get it right. I remember when they were on about the EVO VIII and they basically hacked together a photoshop image.


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Geoff you sound like my mum, "if I told you once Ive told you a thousand times!" lol :)

yeah but the evo 8 came out soon after the image ! as do most magazines attempts at new models! Theres no way another 3 years for this shape clio, the chassis is done and trends are changing! If they wait renault will suffer in the hot hatch/supermini market - i mean another 172 incarnation dont think so - the meagne is the next renault model to bear the R-Sport badge, so does that mean the cup/172 is here for another three years - get real !

IMO, considering the success that Renault has had with the 172/CUP, they would be mad not to produce another hot Clio!