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New to Clios

Hi there, I've spent the last 5 years competing in autosolos firstly in a Fiat Seicento (don't laugh, they are a wolf in sheep's clothing on twisty courses) and then a Micra 1.4.(stripped. competition suspension, Yokohama silly money tyres - it was great to drive) Had a few class wins and plenty of top 3 places, but fancied a change and a bit more power. In earlier years I rallied and sprinted a Mini 1275, a couple of Mk1 Escorts and trialled and autotested various Fiats, minis and escorts even a left hand drive Zastava 750 Luxe (a LHD fiat 600d made under licence in Yugoslavia ) My Mini later went on to win its class in the RAC rally (not in my hands, I was never good enough!!)

I've done a couple of events in my 02 172 and so I'm still getting used to it. First outing was at Curborough spring course near Lichfield and it felt like I was driving a Mk2 Escort it had so much oversteer, but a new set of Pilotsports seems to have sorted that, and on my second outing at Donington last week on Loughborough car club's winterseries it was much more controllable. I'm really looking forward to competing in it over the next few years. Love the performance but I suspect I may have to learn to work in some of the limited spaces Renault seem to have left around the engine for maintenance and repairs. At least it's a toy and not my daily so time working on it is rarely an issue. Hope to meet a few like minded individuals on here who compete on a bit of a shoestring like I do and share our experiences. I run a FB page called Old Codgers in Motorsport, intended for 50 ish year olds and over who are still active in motorsport in any way.