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New cup owner!

.......well my wife actually owns it but if Im a good boy and keep the house tidy , shes going to let me have a go in it now and then!

This being my first post I thought Id say hello to everybody .Ive been "eavesdropping " on the discussions for a week or two to gauge opinion on the cup. We both own GTTurbos (mine from new) which are tending to be unreliable of late and although I do all the necessary work myself they can be both off the road at the same time which is not the idea.The cup seems to be a suitable substitute, and itll give me time to get at least one of the turbos back into shape.

Our cup cost £11499 from Renault (Derby)via a broker found on the internet (coincidentally based in Derby). It took nearly 4 weeks to arrive but this did have Xmas and NY in the middle! I picked it up today making sure the two badges were on and the black splitter was attached! (thanks folks!) I assume there is no remote control for the radio???.. Please advise. I drove back fairly gingerly so it ll be a while before I start comparing with the GTT.I think the PAS is going to be useful (as we slip into middle age) Ill keep you all posted anyway.

Two questions arise: Have any of you cup owners added your own spare wheel? I realise that there are pros and cons but I reckon its cheaper in the long run to pick up a steel wheel and tyre .What size (width) and offsett do I look for?

And.... does Mr Haynes(bless him!) have an up to date manual (or plan one) for the 172/cup. Well cant think of anything else for the Mo. ( Ive just noticed that !Normans pigeons have crapped on the bonnet)!!!! Ahh well.

Rewgards to all....Steve S.

Dear FasF,

No its dealer supplied..Ive not looked there as I was expecting something like a TV remote doh! (the rad/cass in my 5 has one of these.) Ill look tomorrow its dark outside and Im scared!!

Steve S.

Hi Steve

Im looking into getting a Cup V soon (Prob March when the New Regs come out). How does this carbroker business work?

Dear Andy,

I suppose it works because the brokers can get discount because they often handle the requirements of fleet and other multiple buyers and having established these "channels" single orders through them can also attract a discount. Remember these are dealer supplied and not imports and so have the full UK spec and 3 year warranty.

Give Kevin Overton a ring on 01332 512434 (this is They were the cheapest I could find. You dont pay any money up front you are contacted by your local Renault dealer within 2 days and thats it .Dead easy!


Steve S.
  996 Carrera

Steve S.,

I guess I got mine from the same dealer in Derby on Sir Frank Whittle Road, although I went through who have the Cup listed at £11514 now :( . And thats b4 you start haggling. Bargain.

My Cup didnt have the door pillar badges when it was delivered so maybe you can thank me for bringing it up with the dealer ;) .

You might also want to check youve got 2 emergency tyre repair cans. I just got one though the manual definitely says you need two to fill the tyre up.

As for the Haynes manual, there isnt one for the 172 or Cup, just for the lower spec models. But Ive just bought the MaxPower Clio manual from Haynes. I havent a clue about modding cars - yet - so thought it might be a good place to start. Plus if you become a Cliosport member youll get 12.5% off and free p+p for Haynes books.

Another bargain :)

Thats a cracking price to start with, you could be looking at 11k with luck!

I do feel a bit sorry for anyone who has had to go down the loan/finance route to buy one, Renault seem a bit keen to discount them to sell them. You never make any money buying a car but 2k off only a few months into its run is pretty heavy. Im glad I paid cash....