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new engine ap runs

  clio 20v

did 2 runs to 100, best one of mine on left and teady 172s two runs on right for comparison that he put up in another thread on greasy roads though

mine teady 172

10- 1.05 / 1.03 1.22

20-1.89 / 2.01 2.21

30-2.74 / 2.91 3.18

40-4.47 / 4.14 4.42

50-5.76 / 5.44 5.67

60-7.64 / 6.98 7.17

70-9.54 / 9.16 9.36

80-11.56 / 11.51 11.58

90-14.8 / 14.74 14.65

100-17.9 / 18.70 18.26

bodes well, still havent got used to getin the thing off the line and changing gear 500 rpm early though u can see where the change into third lets the 0-60 down though

Overall your 0-100 time is well impressive m8 - wot new engine is it youve got and wot power is it giving??

How long have you had the new engine for then and wot u think of it?
  clio 20v

i kno i was well impressed wen i looked i only did two runs slight incline other came out at 18.3 i think

just had a williams lump dropped in, mods are mongoose system an de-cat and a induction kit which i already had, not been on rollers yet

only picked it up yesterday so not much time for testing still on 17s as well

need to get it into my head that the redline is 6500 instead of 7200 and i only need about 2500 rpm to get off the line, the 1800 needed 4000 ish or it would bog down

excellent result mate, would love to know what mine does it in, thats 3 of us with 2ltr swaps using 16v boxs, they are flyers lower down, or did you get the williams box?

what spec is yours? mine is full williams engine, HP chip, HP de-cat, full magnex and piper X,16v cast manifold, and everything replacable is new, with a 16v box and new williams clutch

Adi - is it possible to get the AP22 to measure in smaller increments than 10mph? Would be interesting to see every 1mph (particularly how quick up to 57mph and the change from 2nd to third...or wherever the 16v gearbox goes up to)


did a comparison of my AP-22 results. went from 40mph to 80mph which gets rid of any traction problems ( it was wet and I only went up to 80mph on my runs). I change into 3rd around at 56mph and one up. my 0-60 time was 7.9s


Clio 172

Clio 16V

40 mph




50 mph




60 mph




70 mph




80 mph




So the 16v was the fastest to 80?

Looks to me as if the 16v and Seb1 had to change into 3rd before 60 and the 172 after 60.

yeah the punto is close geared. actually I need to change gear at the same points as the CTR. hos closely geared is that fecker
  clio 20v

lofty- i had the willy box as well cos mine was toast lol

had a new cambelt, fanbelt, gp N clutch. had the willy manifold and willy ecu, plus full mongoose,de-cat an piperx filter i already had, got a dastek unichip to go on yet

ryhs- not on the unit its-self possibly from the software when downloaded but ive not got me head round it yet will hav a go