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new ipod nanos and a icelink?

  Fiesta ST3
has any one got one of the new 4gb or 8gb ipod nanos running with there dension icelink?
is there any problems as i have just got a dension now i am after a ipod and dont want to get a nano if it wont run properly with the ice link??
  Seat Altea XL
I've just bought a Dension ice link plus for my sony headunit and waiting for my 80gb ipod video to arrive, hopefully this week!!!
Guessing you have the standard renault headunit, in which case no point asking if its a good job? lol
I have the adapter installed into my sony headunit at the minute via the cd changer, but controls seem to be bit messed up with the cd-player. its detecting the ordinary cd player as cd1 and the ipod adapter as cd2, but when go to scroll through the albums on a mp3 cd it jus jumps to cd2.

just hoping that it needs the software from the ipod to make it work properly! lol