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New Laptop - need help setting up.

Just got my Vaio SZ today and Im very pleased with it apart from all the bloatware they put on it. anyway..

I didnt get an XP disk, nor did I get a disk with all the drivers. Come to think about it, I didnt get any disk whatsoever.


How can I get rid of all the s**t thats on there? I uninstalled most of the stuff, but I bet theres still loads left in the registery?

And, What do people recomend for Anti virus/spyware? Im currently using Zone alarm, and then Ad-awear and spybot. I wont something that wont bog the computer down if its running in the background.


And any other usefull tips!
Cheers :)


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
I use AVG anti virus , its free to download , zone alarm firewall and spyware doctor .