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new lexus lights @k-tec

  Clio v6

Very easy to fit K-tecs are a wee bit cheaper the bb performances ones but both will give a discount.

The right ones look best I believe the both have same fittings?????

I do like them for now ( until everyone has them of course )

Is there anywhere where you can get both and stick one of the left and the other on the right to decide which you want ?

I suppose I could always ask K-Tec as they have a demo 172 in silver to do it and send me the pic. What am I saying, need a job first !! Ahem.

Paddy dood... I think the red are best on the ..... errrr ... red lol...

the clear look ok on a silver motor.. but still not convinced about them...

if the silver bits were body colour.. hmmmmmmm... that might work.. nawwwww. I prefer the real McCoy

er clearly the lights on the right are the new ones and the ones on the left are the olds ones. i just got the olds ones (left) and was a bit gutted to hear there was a new version. however looking at these photos i prefer mines.

lol i just checked ktec, seems they gave me the new ones anyway:) sorry for arguing. woot i got the new ones without even knowing haha etc


  Shiny red R32

Personally I think these Lexus styled rear lights only really suit light coloured cars - i.e. silver, light blue, white etc. I saw some on a black car and they looked too contrasting and out of place, but a friend has them on his silver 106 GTi and they really suit it.

Just my opinion.

  Clio v6

Know what you mean GR. I passed a Mazda showroom, the new 626 looked great in silver and an eye sore in dark colours.

I also own a Lexus in graphite dark grey, and the lights look a bit too much on it. I would have went for silver but its a lot of bodywork to keep clean and the dark hides the dirt for a week.