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Uprated Fuel Rail and Pump


ClioSport Club Member
Been doing a bit of reading about uprated fuel rails as I am thinking about gettin the KTec Racing one for my Ph1 as I am in the process of fitting ITBs. I thought that I am upgrading the injectors and all that I might as well do the fuel rail too, and the standard one looks a bit pants next to the nice ITBs.

Being an early Ph1 it has the fuel return - there were fuel connections both end of the fuel rail.

I was also going to replace the fuel rail connectors while I was at it to (for the cost I might as well have new ones). But on the Ktec website it comes with a selection of options for fittings:

KTR C2RS Billet Fuel Rail 1 Way Connections Kit 1 - Banjo connector & blanking bung. (Includes washers)
KTR C2RS Billet Fuel Rail Return Connections Kit 2 - Banjo connector & Straight connector. (Includes washers)
KTR C2RS Billet Fuel Rail Return Connections Kit 3 - 2x Banjo connectors. (Includes washers)
KTR C2RS Billet Fuel Rail Return Connections Kit 4 - 2x -6AN Banjo connectors. (Includes washers)
I just want a plug and play solution ideally.

The next thing is the fuel pressure regulator, seeing as it is a Ph1 I have this in the rail - goes into the rail and there is a breather (?) line that went to the throttle body

The KTec website says I will need an aftermarket pressure regulator - why can't I use the one on the car? I was going to message them but they have shut for the Christmas break now.

And then fuel pumps. I am going to be running Megane 225 injectors and was reading about other people (not necessarily Clio owners) upgrading their fuel pump while doing similar work to this. Again want a plug and play solution, and KTec are selling THIS fuel pump (loks like they are gettng a good chunk of my money in the new year!!). But what about the pressure regulator and a return feed? As don't the Ph2's have the pressure regulator in the pump or something?
  Renault Kangoo
Id say the main reason for everything you are asking is higher fuel rail pressure, which is often the goal for upgrading the fuel systems. Id guess the stock fittings cant handle higher pressure and the preasure regulator will return too much fuel at a higher pressure.
  172 Ph1
The reason you need an additional FPR is because 1 you’ll want to run a higher rail pressure over stock and 2 , there is no provision for you to use the old OE regulator as the new rail won’t have a fixing like the OE rail.

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ClioSport Club Member
  Hi comp phase 1
What about swapping out to the ph2 fuel system and getting rid of the regulator in the engine bay? My 2001 ph1 has that setup

pretty sure that @Ph1 Tom had an ITB kit with a regulator in it.
Hope that helps… good luck with them (y)


ClioSport Club Member
With the KTec ITB kit I had on my Ph1 I ran the standard rail with regulator and return line with standard injectors and a 4 bar pressure regulator fitted.

Where did you have the hose thing to go to? As the standard one it goes to behind the butter fly valve in the throttle body. Is it just a vent? As I will be running a catch tank so could just pipe it to that.

My brother is about to turn up and he is going to help me choose the parts for the fuel rail, pressure release valve and fittings as he knows what is needed and I don't!


ClioSport Club Member
Which was does fuel flow into the rail?
Is it from left to right? So the FRP is at the exit of the rail?
As the FPR housing I have bought from PMS has a directional arrow on it so need it to be the right way around.
I don't really fancy priming the fuel pump with nothing connected to see which pipe fuel comes from when it isn't attached to anything!!