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New Lightweight Alloys-A few questions!

  172 Cup
Firstly what to go for, i have been looking around and I quite like the idea of the ROTA series wheel, there very light and look really nice!

Next what are the advantages of downsizing to 15's rather than the 16's? except for weight etc, would handling be significantly different?

Just want some tips on what u guys would recommend!

cheaper tyres softer suspension

handling IMO is better as its softer which wilst people believe rock hard suspension and no side walls means faster its doens't.
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
My 182 is on 15's and I wouldn't go back to 16's for it again. Got 195/50/15's on the wheels, which mean the ride is softer....if I wasn't selling the car I'd consider going to 195/45/15's probably mostly for looks.

Since putting the wheels on the turn in on the car seems sharper, and general handling feels more 'fizzy' for lack of a better word. D*cks all over my mate's 172 cup, although admittedly I do have better suspension too.
  Tiger R6 / Saxo Vts
As above, much cheaper tyres too, and more variety of choice. Got to have the car lowered with 15's though or you look like you're pimping around on saucers or something the wheel arch gap is so big.
  Black-Gold 182
I've a set of Rota Slipstreams for sale. They're black, 16" and are a direct replacement for 182 alloys. Ebay item number 180295505701