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New Megane


Just been to my local dealer this morning, (with my Trafic, not the 172) & had a look at the new Megane. - Its a very striking car & I think pretty damm good in the looks department. Go and have a look, and more to the point put your name down for the 235bhp RS version coming out early next year!

Just to keep on topic maybe the motor will fit a Clio?

Looks nice from the front, but it all goes horribly wrong when you see the back.

Looks a bit like a drawing of a car you do when youre at primary school. :confused:

I saw one on the road for the first time on Monday. And I have to agree with Joe. I really like it.

The press photos really didnt do it justice.
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Theres a coupe cabriolet coming out - steel roof like the 206CC. Now thatll be a nice motor, and it wont have the weird looking rear either.
  Clio 197

Im not too sure about the direction that Renault are taking with the styling. Doing a Val Satis or Avantine is one thing but making the whole line-up look the same seems a bit crazy. What will the next Clio look like?

My Willy gets better looking all the time.


Saw the 1.6 16V when I was looking at the cup demo - lovely - probs gonna trade in me 1.6 16V clio next year for one of these - totally original looking!
  Abarth Grande Punto

ye i saw the new megane in my local dealer. VERY BIZARRE looking car, but i think it will grow on me.
  Clio 197

The FIAT Mutipla look if you ask me. Just plain weird. And it seems the weirder the better with the designers these days.

Saw one at Toomey Renault yesterday, front looks cool, rear??? not sure....I think Renault have done a brave thing styling it like this...They do seem to try to design new cars with cutting edge radical styling in an attempt to push the boudaries of car design, they should be commended for this....if you want something a bit individual then a Megane would be sort of reminds me of the Focus and the KA, when they came out alot of people thought the atyling was way too radical, but a few years down the line they become accepted and the norm, and other manufacturers copy the this is what Renault are trying to do.....I think