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new starter motor!!!!!!

high guys
my car has been wanting a bit of TLC lately and its def not happy

just had a new alternator fitted for a bargain price of ~£50 and it now seems my passenger elecy mirror now works again. clock still dead though. it keeps on stopping and starting any ideas anyone.

it still having trouble starting. on first start up from cold it will start no probs but say you get it warmed up, turn the engine off then immediately try to turn it over it again it kinda hessitates. i think its time for a new starter too now but how much will this cost roughly. is it easier then a alternator which i still cant beleive i got done for 50. the geezer who did it is a top mechanic. nothing fazes him and he loves the challenge of a hard job !!!!! nutter )


i had 2 get 1 for my rsi that cost me over a £100 its a sod to do as well as it is behind a heat sheald at the back down the botom
but dont let me put u off


wongy, i doubt very much its the starter thats nakered, itl msot likely be the wiring going to the starter. when the engine gets hot, the wires resistance increases heaps, so when u crank the engine over, not enough current can flow to turn the starter properly. must valver does exactly the same, hesitates, then goes.

if you do replace the starter, get the high output version from bb, get the engien going on the first turn of the key. 600amp battery will help as well!

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Yes the starters are a bit of a pain to change. It is more than likely the wiring which needs attention.