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New to the fold, Clio 200 Cup just bought


  Clio 200 Cup
Thought I would join up and take a little look around, I bought a new Clio 200 Cup last month and hopefully there will be some handy info on here!

The one I've bought is metallic black, +Recaros, +AC still running in but liking it after a long line of Jap cars.

Some previous cars (the interesting ones) were as follows:
96 Toyota MR2 Turbo
01 Honda S2000
00 Honda Accord Type R
95 Honda Civic VTi
94 Citroen AX GTi
93 Citroen ZX 16V
92 Citroen ZX 1.9i Volcane

Before that we're in the realm of Astra GTE type cars so I'll stop there.

Anyhow - Hello all :)

First impressions are that handling and brakes are superb, will be driving it home to Lyon in France (from Ipswich home) next Tuesday, after 10h should be fully run in :eek:

Here's a piccie:



  Clio 200 Cup
Aha - It appears my photo posting abilities don't strecth to the new forum:clown:


  Clio 200 Cup
Cheers for the welcome chaps - As it will be in France most of the time you might like to know they're 24k Euro over here and they only get a 2 year warranty, compared to 3 years in the UK:star:

The French people at work at not happy:evil:


  Clio 200 Cup
Now I wonder if that's Rhys from the ATR forum...:rasp:

You're right they are good though (ATR was the longest I have kept a car at 2.5 years)!
  Mercury 200 w/cup+Recaros
Lovely car, im sure you will enjoy it. I've also had an MR2 Turbo and Accord Type R in the past. All very different cars but all great fun!


  Clio 200 Cup
Certainly are Wiggly! I think my fave car so far was the MR2 Turbo, just because you could tweak the boost up to 270bhp (245bhp std) for virtually nothing and the torque went up equally. Great fun, bought it as a cheap fun car and did a few track days in mine, it certainly didn't disappoint!