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New Wheels :)

  Clio GT 1.6





Big thanks to Ben81 for the wheels. This is my new winter look but i think i like it more than my white ones :S have got another set of bulletts with the guy that did my standard wheels just getting them sprayed silver like the alloys. Let me know what you think! I reckon i will get them refurbed in a really bright silver and some new tyres :) oh and a new backbox in the next week or so i have given up trying to get my stealth any higher haha
  Clio GT 1.6
:( fair enough mate oh btw you want my white wheels ? if not its fine ill just stick them on the bay
  120d M Sport
Those look the business, similar to turinis. In fact, the car looks in mint condition too.

Hows the ride in comparison to on 15's?
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  Clio GT 1.6
Yea its on 60mm springs jordi. and alex these are also 15 but on low pros so the ride is pretty similar :p