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Newbie but not to the french scene

  172 Cup
Hi There

Just bought myself a very sorry looking 03' plate Clio 172 Cup :(

Bought it off a friend and it was classed as CAT C, with all the bad weather last year by friend unfortunatly slid into a kerb on the drivers side and hit it with full impact. Whilst sat there he rang me i went to the scene and i was unable to move the poor thing, unfortunatly the AA was over run so we were in a very long queue of about 3 hours plus, so we got a warning triangle and some cones and tried to make it as obvious as possible, 30mins later some tool in a brand new 59 plate mini came around the corner, hit his brakes and slid into the back of the clio

Anyway 1 year on and my friends only just been payed out for it, its been sat on the drive and i couldnt resist but say yes to trying to save it,heres the damage

O/S/F wishbone is bent - Possible damage to the subframe
O/S/F Wing has a crack in it of about 10-15cm long
O/S/F Wheel kerbed but salvagable by the looks of things
Rear Bumper - Smashed :(
Heres the biggest thing, rear boot pan creased, each side of the inner arch is fine, just a small crease where the spare wheel mold is, im hoping this isnt going to be too expensive

Bar that the car is quite tidy, has roughly 65k on the clock

Recently bought a lower subframe for it which includes wishbones, ARB, struts and steering rack, now my focus is on the rear bumper and boot plan then small things like ball joints and bushes

Previously owned 106 rallyes so a cup is right up my street, my last 'toy' was a 1.6 Vtec CRX, heres a few pictures of some ive owned










Thanks Danny
  172 Cup
Well went to move the car yesterday and got a few pics in the process, changed the front drivers side wishbone (see the bent one in the pic) and ended up being an alright job until the last wishbone bolt had bent a little and wasnt moving in the bush, 1hr of alot of elbow grease and a huge crow bar it was done and ready to put on the trailer, Changed the ball joints and over the next few weeks im to change the track rod ends and the suspension as i have some better condition ones, possibly change the subframe if need be
Overall im happy with it :)
Here are a few pics


Bent wishbone

Rear end of it - smashed bumper and creased floorpan


On the trailer


Slight wing damage

New home for the next months

  Megane GT
Nice little car youve got there :) are you just going to repair it or do you have any other mods planned?
  172 Cup
Nice little car youve got there :) are you just going to repair it or do you have any other mods planned?

Thanks :)

I cant complain i picked it up for £400 :D

There are other mods i plan to do to it but it will be summer time before i get chance to start that i reckon. First of all i need to get her on the road so all my money will be ploughed into that at first

Then Mods would be as followed, probably in this order lol

Wheels refurbed and re-sprayed anthracite with some new tyres on it
Lowered 35mm-40mm
Some decent disks and pads all round
Manifold and exhaust (unsure what to go for at the moment)
A decent suspension set up (probably bilstein) with a bush change all round

And thats probably it for the next year then go from there. Not really after a full track toy yet, it may end up being one in the future but i wouldnt it being a road going car for a while