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Newbie Question! - Subframe

  Galaxy, Disco, Mini, GT6

Sorry Guys and Gals but I only joined cos I have a problem, I know I should have joined up before it was a problem and maybe it wouldnt be one now.

Anyways, I have a 1.6 Series 2 Auto that I have to repair for my Sister in Law, problem is the front subframe is damaged, can this be replaced from any donor or is it specific to the 1.6 or the auto gearbox, I dont know and cant find any comparisons so I am desperate as the salvage yards are after about 100 quid with no exchange if it is not the right one.

Any help advice or reference to books would be absolutely priceless.


:eek: :eek: :eek:
  Galaxy, Disco, Mini, GT6
Re: Ok So a Newbie Joins with a Question !


I dont know if this is any use to anyone but I might as well let you know.

The Mark two Phase one subframes are majorly the same slight differences are known around the mounting of the steering rack, on the lower powered model the bolts are into the subframe and mount through one surface of the subframe on the higher powered models they are surface mounted and travel right through both surfaces of the frame into the rack.

The wishbones mountings are identical across the range however there are various different arrangements of heat shields fro each of the engine styles, all of which are bolted to the subframe in pre-drilled holes.

No problems are really encountered if you need to replace on except needing to be a mini person with double flexi arms, yes right, it was very hard to get the dam thing off and on again without the use of at least two trolley jacks for position and safety.

Next its bonnet headlights and wings along with bumper grill and spots.

Let you all know how it ends up.
  Galaxy, Disco, Mini, GT6
Re: Ok So a Newbie Joins with a Question !

Your link dont work for me.

but I got one for 50 quid in the end and its on and aligned so I am feeling a bit chuffed after 11 hours hard graft.