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Newbie to the site

  Clio RT GT Turbo convsn
My names Danny, from Derby, my local site is and am admin on there

In the process of selling my Hyundai Accent, and have just finished doing up my Renault Clio

Its a 1.4rt K reg in black, i have got a 1.4 R5 GT Turbo engine in it,standard engine as yet with upgraded Head gasket, upgraded intercooler and dump valve. stil alot of work to do.

I joined this forum so i can get in touch with Clio "experts" and maybe some of you might have a GT Turbo conversion or mybe even own a R5 Gt Turbo yourselves.
  Clio RT GT Turbo convsn
its currently 25miles away from me having some work on so piccys are a no no for now im afraid. but end of oct ill have it back on the drive, and will get some pics up :)

im hoping to tweek the turbo, not make it bigger, as its a little car itll have too much lag.

But its all fun and games.

i owned a Hyundai previously which was a bummer to find parts for, so now with this clio doors of opportunity are open for mods, but i want to keep it looking standard, so its a street sleeper :d
  UR 197, AB 182 FF
hi Danny, welcome to the nuthouse

i used to have an hyundai accent. What model did/do you have?
  Clio RT GT Turbo convsn
MikeDX said:
hi Danny, welcome to the nuthouse

i used to have an hyundai accent. What model did/do you have?

i do have the x3 coupe i. Its for sale atm for £1k. when i get time ill be posting it on here lol :p

but yeah i love the car, want summit faster though


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  Clio RT GT Turbo convsn
Cheers for the welcome guys. this seems a very very active forum which is cool to see. will defo get my clio r5 or whatever you wanna call it lol pics when i get it back, hopefully itll work 1st time, i shouldnt see a problem, but i am looking 4ward to getting it

so is there any1 else on here that owners a clio GT Turbo conversion? or am i a 1 man barmy army lol