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newbies car

  clio 172 cup running 201
hi am new to this site thought i would show you lot my moter






  Focus TDCi
Like the wheels, but personally I'd paint the centre of the diamonds black to match? Don't like the exhaust setup.. although the left one looks like it could be falling off soon anyway, which could improve things :)

Nice car matey.
  Mk1 Clio F4R'd
LOL @ the exhaust... Maybe its the size or style, or both, not sure. Everything else looks spot on!!!
  clio 172 cup running 201
thanks for the comments, not really a fan of the exhausts myself but the bumper has been cut, whats this about a stream.......?????


  Focus TDCi
I guess people mean this one?:


Edit: don't think so actually, it's totally different?!


ClioSport Club Member
Wheels on the blue look MINT!

Not keen on the exhaust.

Isn't this the car that some fella was just bouncing it off the redline while a bunch of scrubbers stood around and watched?


ClioSport Club Member
Yeah, that's a good idea. Post a picture up showing this guy's pride and joy in a ditch.

I'd bin the exhaust ASAP

Also change the tyres... or it'll be in a ditch again soon


  Focus TDCi
He's asking for info Chris, as much as it would pain me to see my own car like that, I'd rather know tbh! Luckily it aint that car anyway and it doesn't sound as bad I don't think.
  AMV8, Mk1 Golf
it was only minor i think, was towed out and was ok :) wouldnt worry too much,

as said tho, if that was mine id rather know


ClioSport Club Member
did you drive past the pavillion (chinese resteraunt) yesterday around lunchtime?

saw a 172 with dark wheels go past while i was having lunch

  clio 172 cup running 201
yes that was me mate, grub any good there always fancied going, looked over the car today carnt see any signs of accidents